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The Boo Crew Chat Everything CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS with Riley Dandy and Filmmaker Joe Begos

Onwards and downwards… to HELLLLLL and episode 365 with the return one of our most VERY FAVORITE filmmakers, the illustrious genre-bending badass Joe Begos! Joe brings along the impossibly rad star of his new film CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS, Riley Dandy, to talk all about their new stocking full of murder, mayhem and madness that they are cramming down your chimney in theaters and exclusively streaming on Shudder now! This thing is a damn work of art. Robots, sex, death metal, head stomping, blood drenched tinsel and a partridge in a f*%$ing pear tree! We unwrap the whole thing, hear amazing stories from the set, dive into the practical fx work and so much more - plus the exclusive on the INSANITY JOE HAS PLANNED FOR YOU NEXT! Whaddya waiting for? Now Mercer, Now Dora, Now Ethier and Skipper! Theres blood on the porch and theres gore on the walls, now slash away slash away slash away all! For episode…SLAY ing.

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