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The Boo Crew Chat Horror & Comics with Joe Trohman, Brian Posehn and Scott Koblish!

On an all new “animated” episode of your Boo Crew, get drawn in to music, comedy and comic book awesomeness with Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman, comedian actor and writer Brian Posehn and acclaimed artist Scott Koblish! Their brand new horror comic series THE AXE just debuted in Heavy Metal Magazine. Chapter 1 appeared in last weeks Issue #315, the next part is out Heavy Metal #316 on sale April 27th until it completes its 6 chapter run! Its described as Army Of Darkness meets The Goonies-which is right on the mark, it is a RIOT. We talk all sorts of awesome stuff from how they all got into horror films, their recent faves, collecting, comic books, the crossroads of horror and metal and so much more! Rock out to episode 311 - now slaying!!

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