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The Boo Crew Chat Horror, Music, the Occult and Astrophysics with Artist and Musician GHOSTEMANE

Photo credit: Garrett Nicholson

It’s another Boo Crew Creature Double Feature with TWO all new episodes! We are thrilled to have you join in this amazing hang with artist and musician, GHOSTEMANE. Hear all about his much awaited new album, ANTI-ICON available everywhere as of October 21st. He seriously is a spectacular guy and this album will usher in a sea change in music as he continues to deconstruct, innovate and reimagine worlds thru sound and shockingly unique visuals. Learn about the horror genre films that are embedded into the DNA of his work, the incredible journey he has been taking us on through his groundbreaking involvement in stop motion animation that can be seen in his music videos. We talk about the occult, astrophysics and so much more. Draw a circle around yourself and conjure up Episode 171 now!


Instagram: @ghostemane

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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