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The Boo Crew Chat PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND with Horror Legend Bill Moseley

Your Boo Crew is back for a FOURTH all new episode this week! Spend your weekend hanging with horror legend, Bill Moseley! At time of release his new film PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND is in theaters and on VOD now! Gather around the chainsaw as Bill tells you about getting the chance to work with the incomparable Sion Sono and Nic Cage on this spectacular thrill ride thru a post apocalyptic dream land. It’s part western, part noir, there are samurais, ninjas and an exploding leather suit! Learn how he developed his character, THE GOVERNOR! See what he’s up to musically including with the band, Ice Nine Kills - starring in a string of their most recent horror-themed videos, the return of Spider Mountain and so much more! Episode 259 is now playing!

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Instagram: @choptopmoseley

Twitter: @choptopmoseley

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