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The Boo Crew Discuss THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR with Filmmakers Justin Powell and David Charbonier

Back for a second all new episode this week! Join your Boo Crew with returning guests to the show, filmmakers Justin Powell and David Charbonier! They were here last time with their jaw dropper, THE DJINN (which is a must see!) and they have brought along with them another slice of genius! Their newest thrilling horror adventure they have written and directed is THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR - available exclusively on Shudder now! We step inside the creepy craftsman house next to the oil field and look into their terrifying approach to storytelling that captures gripping and unsettling scares with a refreshing sense of whimsy. We talk about their creative process, the amazing talents of their two young leads, Lonnie Charvis and Ezra Dewey, the projects they’d LOVE to get their claws on and so much more! We are obsessed with these guys and their unique approach and we urge you to explore their incredible work and the wonderful - THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR! Episode 246 is now playing!

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