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The Boo Crew Chat with Award Winning Badass Actor Stephen Lang

The Boo Crew is back again for our third all new episode this week and a special SPLATTERDAY edition for your wicked weekend! You are joined by award winning badass, Stephen Lang! His new film “The Seventh Day” is in theaters and on demand this weekend! It’s a fun horror flick about a renowned exorcist teaming up with a rookie apprentice. Hear how Stephen got involved in the project and how he brought his character of the Archbishop to life. He also talks about the Marcus Nispel film he did called “Exeter” years ago, some of his fave horror movies, the latest on “Don’t Breathe 2”, his appearance on Fede Alvarez’s “Calls” and so much more! Say your prayers - episode 212 of The Boo Crew is now playing!

Follow Stephen Lang on:

Instagram: @slang_711

Twitter: @IAmStephenLang

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