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The Boo Crew Chat with Caylee Cowan Star of FRANK AND PENELOPE

Get revved up for a ride into terror - with an all new episode of The Boo Crew! It’s an extraordinary new film, brilliantly written and directed by Sean Patrick Flanery called FRANK AND PENELOPE. It celebrates its physical release on Blu-ray today! Hop in the passenger seat with its gifted multi award star, Caylee Cowan! Join us for the fascinating story of how she built the unforgettable character of Penelope from crafting the music of her speech, to her backstory and intent. We also get into Caylee’s love of horror, working with Nic Cage and a bunch of possessed animatronics to being locked in the basement of a haunted house and writing her own original horror film! Episode 340 with your new favorite actor, Caylee Cowan, is now slaying!

Follow Caylee Cowan on:

Instagram: @cayleecowan

Twitter: @Caylee_Cowan

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