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The Boo Crew Chat with Christina Ricci, Star of the New Horror Thriller MONSTROUS

Your Boo Crew is back with our second of THREE all new episodes this week! This time around, friend of the show, the immensely talented and iconic Christina Ricci checks in to tell you all about her AWESOME new horror thriller, MONSTROUS in theaters and vod May 13th! We talk about the detail and care that went into crafting this unsettling period piece set in the 1950s and weaponizing the innocence of the era! It’s all about monsters, mayhem and impeccably cut sandwiches! Also - she lets us in on her thoughts on returning for another season of YELLOWJACKETS, reuniting with Tim Burton for WEDNESDAY and more! Stay cool daddy-o and put a nickel in the jukebox for episode 320 with Christina Ricci - now slaying!

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Instagram: @riccigrams

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