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The Boo Crew Chats with FEAR OF RAIN Stars Madison Iseman and Israel Broussard

Your Boo Crew brings you a second episode this week with THRILLING THURSDAYS and a breaking weather report! Horror is in the forecast as you are joined by Madison Iseman (Annabelle Comes Home / Goosebumps 2) and Israel Broussard (Happy Death Day / Into The Dark: All That We Destroy) stars of the fantastic new film FEAR OF RAIN - in limited theaters, on demand and digital February 12th / dvd and blu ray February 16th! You’ll hear unbelievable stories from the set and the magic that went into building this fully immersive world of misdirects and tension - plus Madison and Israel are just AWESOME! Put on your raincoat, episode 197 is now playing!

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Instagram: @madisoniseman

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Instagram: @israelbroussard

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