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The Boo Crew Chat with Filmmaker William Brent Bell of ORPHAN: FIRST KILL

Its your Boo Crew bringing home a 2nd all new episode this week! You are joined by a great friend of the show (and the nicest dude of all time), filmmaker - William Brent Bell! He’s an extraordinary talent who’s always taken bold risks by breaking the rules and embracing creativity in all his work! He is the one who brought us the cult hit STAY ALIVE, THE BOY, WER, THE DEVIL INSIDE, SEPARATION and more. He returns with a new project, that is a loving testament to the imagination! A prequel to the 2009 shocker, ORPHAN - its ORPHAN FIRST KILL out now in theaters, vod and streaming on Paramount PLUS! You’ll get a peak behind the curtain of what is a monumental cinematic magic trick - crafting the experience of Isabelle Fuhrman, reprising her original role of Esther some 13 years later, playing and ever younger version of the character! Hear about the practical illusions and techniques implemented and developed to pull this off to a dazzling effect. We go into everything from the set design, music and artwork, to elements that were added to the script during production to wrap even more twists and turns into this out of control, delightful terror! Then William gives you the scoop on his upcoming folk horror flick LORD OF MISRULE, we get to the bottom of Alice Krige’s missing scenes from STAY ALIVE - and the R RATED revisit to that world he has in mind. THE BOY trilogy ideas and so much more! Episode 341 with the wonderful WILLIAM BRENT BELL is now slaying!

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Instagram: @williambrentbell

Twitter: @WmBrentBell

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