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The Boo Crew Chat with FRANK Filmmaker Krsy Fox and Cast Bonnie Aarons, Adam Busch and Lyndsi LaRose

Your Boo Crew is back with a SECOND all new episode this week! Get FRANK with multi award winning filmmaker, actor and songwriter / composer KRSY FOX who’s debut feature FRANK lands on VOD October 25th - available for preorder now on Apple! Explore this incredibly unique creature feature, along with the exceptional cast including THE NUN and JACKOBS WIFE’S, Bonnie Aarons, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’S Adam Busch and ANT MAN and DIVERGENT’S Lyndsi LaRose. Hear all about the film, the power in following your dreams and turning them into a reality on your own terms, circumventing the challenges of a self funded indie feature, bringing a monster to life and so much more! It’s a wonderfully inspiring conversation with an amazing group of horror fans who didn’t let anything stand in their way! Episode 270 is now playing!

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