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The Boo Crew Chat with Jon Braver the Mastermind Behind the Interactive Horror Theater DELUSION

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew : Each year spooky season conjures up a cauldron FULL of unique experiences for the horror fan from film to haunts, theater, events and more. One of our most FAVORITE - do not miss events happens annually in the Los Angeles area and its an amalgamation of ALL of that. Not an extreme haunt, or a jumpscare maze (and..those are all AMAZING too!) but a beautiful, cinematic experience that you will never forget. It’s called DELUSION. Starting back in 2011 it has taken up residency in historic properties all over LA from churches to manors and is back for its 8th season “Valley Of Hollows”. It is the brain child of acclaimed Hollywood stunt coordinator Jon Braver, who’s list of credits run from The Dark Knight Rises to House of a Thousand Corpses, Indiana Jones, Iron Man and countless others. A haunted play, where YOU and your small group of friends are the stars of your own horror movie. Jon joins us to reveal a bit of what lies beyond the threshold of an almost 150 year old mansion in this years tale of cults and mayhem! At time of release Show dates run now thru the end of november. Tickets at entetrdelusion dot com! Episode 348 with Jon Braver is now slaying!

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