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The Boo Crew Chat with Katrina Bowden & Aaron Jakubenko of the Tension Filled GREAT WHITE

Your Boo Crew is back for a THIRD all new episode this week! Dive into shark infested waters with actors Katrina Bowden and Aaron Jakubenko! Take a bite out of their new tension filled adventure, GREAT WHITE! At time of release, in theaters, digital and on demand now! Find out how they crafted this fun character driven fight for survival, a look behind the scenes at their underwater stunts and more! Plus we revisit Katrina’s unforgettable role as Allison in Tucker and Dale vs Evil and see if they will ever swim towards a sequel. It’s all on episode 243 - now playing!

Follow Katrina Bowden on:

Instagram: @katrinakbowden

Twitter: @KatrinaKBowden

Follow Aaron Jakubenko on:

Instagram: @aaronjakubenko

Twitter: @AaronJakubenko

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