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The Boo Crew Chat with Leading UFO Investigative Filmmaker and Acclaimed Researcher Jeremy Corbell

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, join us for an absolutely FASCINATING conversation with acclaimed researcher, truth seeker, and one of the leading UFO documentarians in the world, Jeremy Corbell! Sit in as he weaponizes your curiosity discussing the footage and facts that have lit up headlines everywhere acknowledged by the Pentagon as authentic recordings of UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Explore his extraordinarily well made documentary BOB LAZAR: AREA 51 & FLYING SAUCERS and hear the in depth story of the man who claims he was tasked to reverse engineer the propulsion systems of extraterrestrial technology for the united states government. Hear about the hundreds of craft that swarmed U.S. Navy warships off the west coast in 2019 and what happened, the pentagon report released that links radiation burns, brain damage, paralysis and amnesia to ufo sightings, and the impact surrounding the first congressional hearing about UFO’s in over 50 years. We are absolutely thrilled to bring you Episode 330 with Jeremy Corbell… now slaying!

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