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The Boo Crew Chat with Noomi Rapace of the Dark Elegy Film YOU WON'T BE ALONE

The Boo Crew conjures up a second all new episode this week! You are spending time with an absolutely wonderful actor who’s multi award winning performances and choices are constantly evocative and compelling - Noomi Rapace! At time of release, her new film YOU WON’T BE ALONE is in theaters now. This movie is a dark elegy wrapped thru beautifully composed themes of witchcraft, love and life that is introspective, unsettling and gloriously unique. We get into Noomi’s experience in bringing it to life. The music of her decisions on screen and her yearning to continuously challenge herself thru diverse and impactful roles and how she brings you along with her on that journey time and time again. She is such a pleasure to listen to and we sincerely hope you enjoy being part of this conversation with us, as well as this stunning movie. Fall under the spell of episode 312 with Noomi Rapace, now playing!

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Instagram: @noomirapace

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