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The Boo Crew Chat with Pierre Tsigaridis, Rebekah Kennedy & Maxime Rancon of TWO WITCHES

We have conjured up an all new episode of your Boo Crew and are SO EXCITED for this one! We’ve been looking forward to this film’s release for a long time. An absolutely brilliant and horrifying piece of work - TWO WITCHES is available NOW streaming on Arrow video, blu ray dvd and vod. We are celebrating it’s dark magic (and debut feature!) with the filmmaker Pierre Tsigaridis, producer and co-writer Maxime Rancon and one of the film’s stars, Rebekah Kennedy. We are going to learn about where this film came from and the challenges of making this insanely cinematic indie look and feel massive. We’ll dissect the unconventional and stunning architecture of terror on display and how its designed to crawl inside your brain! Episode 355 with TWO WITCHES is now slaying!

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