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The Boo Crew Chat with Roy Lee Producer of BARBARIAN

It’s an all new Boo Crew for episode 345! On the previous edition of the show, you hung out with the brilliant writer, director Zach Cregger who is responsible for the incredible film and instant classic, BARBARIAN, that celebrated it’s release this past weekend. We are going to get into it’s journey even more now with a guy who continues to make monumental contributions to the horror genre and is one of Barbarian’s greatest advocates - producer Roy Lee! He was responsible for bringing The Ring and The Grudge to American audiences, exceptional movies including The Strangers, The Woman in Black, Doctor Sleep, It, Watcher and many many more. Hear the story of how BARBARIAN made it across his desk and his role in empowering Zach and his team. You’ll hear about alternate titles, cut scenes and a unique behind the camera look at bringing this thing to life. We discuss the future of THE STRANGERS with possibly some exciting sequel news, the return to Crystal Lake, and a heads up on SMILE and LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL! Barbarian spoiler territory in the second half and a reminder - if you have not seen Barbarian yet, don’t ruin the experience for yourself :) Episode 345 with producer ROY LEE, is now slaying!

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