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The Boo Crew Chat with SLAYERS Actor and SCREAMFEST LA Ambassador Lydia Hearst

All month long go Trick or Treating with us! That means brand new shows in addition to our regular Tuesday release schedule for Spooky Season! Episode 356 is here with returning guest and incredible fellow horror obsessed friend LYDIA HEARST! We catch up with the multi award winning creator and actor to chat about her brand new frenetic and fun vampire flick SLAYERS, at time of release in theaters on demand and digital now - also starring Thomas Jane , Abigail Breslin and Malin Ackerman! We talk about the wild mechanics, blood, weapons and syringes in this comic book style genre adventure! Hear her amazing recommendations of some of the best in horror tv and film for Halloween and beyond plus head into the theater to discover some of the amazing things she’s uncovered as the official returning ambassador of SCREAMFEST LA this year! Also - a journey into her absolutely astounding screen used movie prop collection from the history of horror. Episode 356 with Lydia Hearst is now slaying! Photo credit: @kaelanbarowsky (Kaelan Barowsky)

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