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The Boo Crew Chat with the Award Winning EVIL Actor Katja Herbers

On a THIRD all new Splatterday edition episode of The Boo Crew this week, you are being possessed by the exceptionally talented, award winning actor, KATJA HERBERS (Westworld / The Columnist)! She joins us to celebrate the season finale of what TV Guide has named the best show on TV (also being called the most disturbing) EVIL, available Sunday on Paramount Plus. Explore a world of satanic goat therapists, viral songs that make people plunge scissors into their ears, demonic transference, murder and more! Unveil the mysteries contained within the show itself that bares clues to a real life treasure hunt, while you prep for Season 3! Get wicked with the absolutely delightful, Katja Herbers on Episode 264, now playing!

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Instagram: @katjaherbers

Twitter: @katjaherbers

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