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The Boo Crew Chat with the Incredible Ilana Glazer & Sophia Bush About Their New Film FALSE POSITIVE

It’s story time with your Boo Crew!! Join us along with our friends, filmmakers and musicians Spider One (Powerman 5000 / MTV’s Death Valley) and Krsy Fox (Knee High Fox / the upcoming horror feature FRANK) - as we announce an exciting new horror adventure with YOU in the passenger seat! Bleeders DIEgest is the all new original dark fiction podcast curated by Spider and Krsy alongside The Boo Crew’s Trev and Lauren with the first 2 episodes available now! PLUS, the incredible Ilana Glazer and Sophia Bush stop by to share their insane new A24 film, FALSE POSITIVE - available on Hulu June 25th. It’s a brilliantly told, unsettling journey that bends and contorts reality as you tumble thru it. It’s all about the birth… of something terrifying… on episode 237, now playing!

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