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The Boo Crew Chat with the Remarkable Kelli Garner, Star of WHAT JOSIAH SAW

It’s the first of a few all new episodes of your Boo Crew this week! For this one you are spending some time with the remarkable, KELLI GARNER! She is a wonderful performer who completely fades into each and every role she takes on! She’s worked with Scorsese, Alexandre Aja, music videos for Green Day, Mike Mills and A Fine Frenzy. Done an award winning portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, acted alongside DiCaprio, Gosling, Christina Ricci, Daniel Radcliffe, Margot Robbie. Every project as wildly exciting and different as the next! Her new film is all that and then some! WHAT JOSIAH SAW is a haunting, gothic tome featuring stunning writing, immaculate cinematography and inventive storytelling that will disturb you to the core! We’ll talk about her journey thru this adventure and of whats to come!! Episode 337 with Kelli Garner is now slaying!

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