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The Boo Crew Chat with the Star of FIRESTARTER Ryan Kiera Armstrong and Filmmaker Keith Thomas

On the final of THREE all new episodes this week, you are joined by sensational filmmaker Keith Thomas and actor Ryan Kiera Armstrong as they share with you their tremendous new horror adventure based on the Stephen King classic, FIRESTARTER! In theaters and streaming only on peacock NOW! We talk about Keith’s journey to making the film and his vision, King’s involvement, working with John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies on the most AMAZING score, the special fx and a VERY cool easter egg. Ryan lets us in on the intricacies of playing Charlie, working with the pyrotechnics, her own superpower of crying on cue and so much more! Its a flamin’ hot episode 321 with Firestarter’s Keith Thomas and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, now slaying!

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