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The Boo Crew Chat with the Writer & Director of SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER Jeff Lieberman

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, a conversation with renegade filmmaker and indie cinema icon, Jeff Lieberman! We explore the myth, mystery and fun behind his incredible 2004 fright flick, SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER! On the heels of its exclusive and beautiful looking Screambox release and a brand new blu ray packed with special features - go behind the mask with us on this cult classic! Relive insane key shots, the many unforgettable improvised moments, find out who’s underneath all that latex and how it all came together! We also revisit his 1976 masterpiece, SQUIRM and working with fx genius Rick Baker, his work with Rod Serling and his extraordinary new book DAY OF THE LIVING ME: ADVENTURES OF A SUBVERSIVE CULT FILMMAKER FROM THE GOLDEN AGE, available everywhere now! Episode 364 with Jeff Lieberman and SATANS LITTLE HELPER IS NOW SLAYING!!!

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Twitter: @jeffliebo

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