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The Boo Crew Chat with Vanessa and Joseph Winter of the Hilarious and Terrifying DEADSTREAM

On your second all new episode of The Boo Crew this week - we’ve been talking about this film non stop and we are so psyched to celebrate its release! You are hanging out with filmmakers Vanessa and Joseph Winter! At time of release on October 6th, their absolutely BRILLIANT film DEADSTREAM premieres on Shudder. Its one of the most hilarious and terrifying horror films we’ve ever seen and we can’t wait for you to experience it - if you haven’t managed to catch it yet in one of its many award winning festival screenings! The movie follows an internet personality who embarks on an overnight livestream at a haunted house in an attempt to regain followers. Get introduced to the genius of Vanessa and Joe and hear about their remarkable adventure in indie horror filmmaking. Its a path laden with a love of Beetlejuice cartoons, Army of Darkness, ingenuity, practical fx and fun like no other! Hear stories about filming this thing in an actual abandoned haunted house, and the challenges of not only writing and directing, but starring in and scoring it! Then get a sneak peak of their INSANE work in Bloody Disgusting’s upcoming V/H/S/99 also out on Shudder on October 20th ! Its over an hour with your new favorite horror creators Vanessa and Joseph Winter on episode 350 now slaying!

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Instagram: @vanessamwinter

Twitter: @VanessaMWinter

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Instagram: @josephwintervhs

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