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The Boo Crew Chat with VOODOO Visionary Filmmaker Phillip Youmans

Your Boo Crew is back again for our FIFTH episode this week on a Halloween SPLATTERDAY! Go trick or treating with an exciting visionary new voice in cinema who made history as the youngest director and the first African American director to win the Founder’s Award at Tribeca at the age of 19 for his critically acclaimed debut feature, Burning Cane! Immerse yourself in the work of Phillip Youmans! Hear all about his unique and powerful approach thru the process of making his new short, VOODOO - available now as part of Hulu’s Huluween hub, in conjunction with their Initiative 29. We talk about the magic of film itself, in his case, the tangible grit of super 16, striking wonderful polarity in music, artfully weaving in metaphor and the unforgettable images and free association that are a part of horror’s lifeblood. Episode 275 is NOW PLAYING!

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Instagram: @phillipyoumans

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