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All October - it’s Trick Or Treats with your Boo Crew! We’re filling your goodie bag with all new shows in addition to our regular Tuesday release - for the entire month! On Episode 349: One of our FAVORITE places in the entire world is the Winchester Mystery house in San Jose, California! A victorian masterpiece that was the work of Sarah Winchester - heiress to the Winchester repeating arms company, in the late 1800s. Nine months after her death in 1922, it became a tourist attraction known for its size and architectural mysteries including stairways that lead to nowhere doors that open into walls and 160 rooms including one allegedly constructed for holding seances! Considered one of the most haunted places in the world, it has been visited by people like Walt Disney during the construction of the haunted mansion and Harry Houdini! At time of release, on select dates from now until Halloween you can visit the house thru the lens of a very spooky and special event being held their called UNHINGED: NIGHTSHADE’S CURSE bringing you to a traveling carnival where food, drinks and roaming sideshow entertainment are waiting for you, before giving you a terrifying haunt adventure thru the house itself! We talk to Walter Magnuson the General Manager of the Winchester Mystery House to hear about all the amazing things they have in store for you this season if you are local to California and want to add it to your list for spooky season, are planning a trip out here or just curious about the house and haunted attractions as its truly legendary. Visit for tickets. Episode 349 is now slaying!

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