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The Boo Crew Chats with NEXT EXIT Actor Katie Parker and Filmmaker Mali Elfman

Your Boo Crew is back for a SECOND all new episode this week and one of our fave convos ever with poignant and inspiring creatives that are absolute powerhouses - Mali Elfman and Katie Parker! Katie stars in Mali’s extraordinary new film NEXT EXIT, celebrating its world premiere at Tribeca! Find out how this disarmingly beautiful ghost story in reverse was crafted. A poetic and thoughtful allegory of what it means to be human. We talk about the importance of support in the journey of a filmmaker and the community that rises around it, surrendering yourself to performance, the catharsis of music and so much more! Then we reflect on this past weekend’s Monsterpalooza event in Pasadena with some special shoutouts and memories! Episode 328 with Mali Elfman and Katie Parker, is now slaying!

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