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The Boo Crew Chats with the Mystic Museum About Their Brand New Horror Immersive Experience Y2KILLS

Shut down your computers before midnight for an all new episode of your Boo Crew! Join friends and returning guests, Kiko Bailey and Erick Wessell from the MYSTIC MUSEUM! Here all about their brand new horror immersive experience, Y2KILLS - kicking off this Saturday, April 15th in Burbank, CA! Their shop and detailed and inventive installations have become famous all over the world. Their latest features interactive displays paying tribute to your favorite horror films from the early 2000’s including screen used items from the private collections of Eli Roth and Mike Dougherty - and an original score from the legendary Douglas Pipes! (Trick Or Treat, The Babysitter, Krampus and more!) Learn about their fascinating story and what you can do to be a part of it. Episode 379 with the MYSTIC MUSEUM is now slaying!

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