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The Boo Crew Chat Horror, Writing and Books with Tyler Christensen Author of AS DEAD THINGS DO

Welcome home to your Boo Crew 352! All October its Trick or Treats with your Boo Crew! We’re filling your goodie bag with all new shows In addition to our regular Tuesday release for the entire month! And what a month it’s been! As of recording this, we just came off the heels of David Bruckner’s new vision of HELLRAISER, Vanessa and Joseph Winter have BLOWN OUR MINDS with DEADSTREAM that is a new classic, the Guinness world record breaking THE MIDNIGHT CLUB from the BRILLIANT Mike Flanagan is just the most elegant and spooky storytelling ever - and TERRIFIER 2 has been making cinematic history in its limited theatrical run with reports of people vomiting and passing out in the theaters… its the 70s all over again! What a GLORIOUS time to be a horror fan!! We are celebrating one such horror fan on this all new episode. A screenwriter director and author who’s first novel AS DEAD THINGS DO is available now WHEREVER books are sold. It’s a spectacular horror story that debuted at number one in LGBTQ horror on Amazon to incredible acclaim. Hang out with a remarkable new voice in the horror space.. Tyler Christensen! This is such a fun conversation about our collective love of the genre, his writing process, the haunted location that crawled onto the pages, some other terrific book recommendations for spooky season and tons more! Episode 352 with Tyler Christensen is now slaying!

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Twitter: @TJC8085

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