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The Boo Crew Check Into a Scare B&B with SUPERHOST Gracie Gillam

Welcome to the Boo Crew’s scare-b’n b! Enjoy your stay and make sure to leave us a good review as we welcome your SUPERHOST Rebecca for a second all new episode this week! You are hangin’ out with phenomenal actor, Gracie Gillam! Her Shudder Original SUPERHOST comes to VOD, Digital, dvd and blu ray February 1st! Hear all about her passion for Alien: Resurrection, the horror genre, and a mind-blowing look at her incredible work therein, from Fright Night, to Adam Egypt Mortimer’s SOME KIND OF HATE and more. Take a look into the magic of Brandon Christensen’s awesomely fun SUPERHOST! She reveals the process of creating the iconic character of Rebecca - delivering one of the most memorable and talked about performances in years! Click that little bell and smash that like button for an unhinged episode 295 of the Boo Crew, now playing!

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