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The Boo Crew Check Out Video Nasties with CENSOR Filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond

Join the Boo Crew for THRILLING THURSDAYS and a second all new episode this week! Explore the world of the UK’s “Video Nasty” era of the 80’s with the filmmaker on Variety’s Ten Director’s To Watch List for 2021, the visionary Prano Bailey-Bond! Her new film CENSOR was not only the talk of this years Sundance Film Festival, but premiered in their coveted Midnight Section that introduced us to experiences like John Carpenter’s Halloween, The Blair Witch Project, It Follows, Hereditary, and more. CENSOR earned an incredible amount of buzz, being touted among other things as the best horror film of the year. Get introduced to Prano’s world of mind bending story telling, guiding incredible performances, reserve your copy of some of her favorite banned films and so much more! Be kind, please rewind Episode 199 now!

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Instagram: @pranobaileybond

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