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The Boo Crew Conduct a Seance with Actor Inanna Sarkis and Writer Director Simon Barrett

Back for a SECOND all new episode this week! Join hands as we contact the spirits of phenomenal award winning writer, actor, producer - Simon Barrett and actor, entrepreneur and media personality - Inanna Sarkis! Their delicious new horror flick SEANCE is in theaters, on demand and digital now! Take a seat around our seance table for a master class in script writing from the talent that brought you films like this one, You’re Next, The Guest and more! We’ll explore this new movie’s unique sonic immersion, visual style and characters. Also, geek out for the return of the Dark Castle Entertainment banner who brought you faves like Ghost Ship, Gothika and the remakes of 13 Ghosts and House on Haunted Hill! Channel Episode 232 now!

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Instagram: @Inanna

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Twitter: @Simon_Barrett

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