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The Boo Crew Confront their Fear of the Dark with A DARK FOE Writer Director Maria Gabriela Cardenas

Back for a second all new episode this week! Leave the lights on for the new horror/thriller noire, A DARK FOE. You are joined by it’s exciting young writer/director who makes her feature length debut - Maria Gabriela Cardenas! The film hosts a phenomenal cast that includes Academy Award nominee Graham Greene, Selma Blair, Rebekah Kennedy and more! She takes you behind the camera to let you in on the experience, challenges and triumphs of going out and making a film of your very own - from funding to execution and assembling a dream team. Hear her story of being raised on horror cinema every weekend with her father, to eventually writing this movie together - with him starring and her directing. We also go deeper into the process with producer Amy Williams. A DARK FOE is in select theaters and on demand everywhere now. Episode 248 is now playing!

Follow Maria Gabriela Cardenas at:

Instagram: @magycardenasv

Twitter: @magycardenasv

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