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The Boo Crew Conjure Up Lee Cronin, Writer and Director of the Spectacular EVIL DEAD RISE

Joinnnn usssssss.... for an all new episode of your Boo Crew! The absolutely spectacular EVIL DEAD RISE possesses theaters everywhere on April 21st - and we’ve conjured up the writer/director of this massive middle finger to cinema - returning guest and friend to the show, LEE CRONIN! Lee drops by the Speakeasy Studio to preview the insanity that is in store for you and choosing this thrilling new setting for the Deadites. Learn about things to watch out for when you experience the film, designing an all new Necronomicon, how and if this story ties in to the existing Evil Dead Universe and your friends Ash and Mia! He also takes you into the post production studio to tell you about the painstaking sound design process and development of the fantastic and powerful score with his composer Steven McKeon. Get into all the soul-swallowing action with Episode 380..... Lee Cronin and EVIL DEAD RISE! Kannnnndaaaaaa.....

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