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The Boo Crew Conjure Up 'THE DJINN' Filmmakers David Charbonier and Justin Powell

Join The Boo Crew for your 228th seance and conjure up filmmakers Justin Powell and David Charbonier! It is a movie getting incredible reviews and acclaim, your chance to experience it is May 14th in theaters and on demand - it’s called THE DJINN! Hear the fascinating story of how it came to be. It’s really inspiring to hear how Justin and David worked with what was available to them to create a plot and how they crafted the extreme limitations they had into amazing and unique centerpieces for a stunning, effective and memorable horror adventure! This is like an Amblin film screened in hell! Justin and David also talk sequel ideas and their other film The Boy Behind The Door coming to Shudder this summer. Read along with your book of shadows for episode 228-now playing!

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Instagram: @davidcharbonier

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Instagram: @jdpowell1920

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