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The Boo Crew Discuss the Mystique of MEGAN IS MISSING with Michael Goi, Amber Perkins & Rachel Quinn

There is a movie from 2011 that has gone viral on TikTok and social media over the past few weeks. Viewers claiming they are being traumatized...some convinced it’s real, it’s even become some what of a dare to even sit through it. Over 200 million views on the hashtag and counting. It has soared to the number one spot on IMDB. “MEGAN IS MISSING”. We invite you to go behind the mystique of the film with a very rare conversation with writer director Michael Goi (American Horror Story / Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and the two stars of the film, the wonderful Rachel Quinn and Amber Perkins - who are very much alive and well! They answer absolutely everything you’ve wanted to know about the movie and how they made it, including the film’s very important message. This is a fascinating chat and we thank YOU for being a part of it. Episode 185 of The Boo Crew is now playing!

Follow Michael Goi at:

Instagram: @cinemaguy

Twitter: @michaelgoi

Follow Amber Perkins at:

Instagram: @amberashleyann

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