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The Boo Crew Dives into the Horror Thriller WHAT LIES BELOW with Actors Ema Horvath and Trey Tucker

It’s another Boo Crew Freaky Friday with a second brand new episode this week! This time dive into Braden R. Duemmler’s horror thriller -new on VOD now- “What Lies Below” with stars Ema Horvath and Trey Tucker! They’ll talk about the art of creating an anxiety laced mystery, working with live eels, developing characters with secrets that leave you hanging on as they unravel. Hear about their horror firsts and Ema’s latest adventure in another spectacular film called “The Mortuary Collection” which we also strongly recommend-and so much more! Solve the puzzle of Episode 187 now!

Follow Ema Horvath at:

Instagram: @mhlnhrvth

Follow Trey Tucker at:

Instagram: @treytucker

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