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The Boo Crew Enroll in a Creepy New Music School with Madison Iseman

The Spooky Season fun continues as we are back for our FOURTH episode this week! The Boo Crew enrolls in a creepy new music school with the amazing Madison Iseman! Hang with her as she lets you in on her spectacular new horror flick, NOCTURNE available now on Amazon Prime Video, part of a new series of films under the Welcome To The Blumhouse umbrella! Nocturne is one of the first four films in that series. She talks about the emotional journey this character took her on, transforming into a piano prodigy and more! We’ll also get into her first experiences with the horror genre, filming the amazing Annabelle Comes Home and more!! Take the stage for episode 172, now!

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Instagram: @madisoniseman

Twitter: @madisoniseman

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