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The Boo Crew Explore a Haunted Abandoned Hawaiian Hotel with Actor and Producer Brock O'Hurn

You and The Boo Crew have a one way ticket to a haunted abandoned hotel in Hawaii with actor and Instagram phenomenon, Brock O’Hurn! Not only does he star in but is one of the producers of a new horror flick called, THE RESORT, in select theaters and on demand now! Brock talks all about the film, being on set in an actual haunted resort, incredibly creepy ghost stories from production and working with some fantastic practical gore fx. We’ll also get into some very powerful advice on achieving your own goals, taking inspiration from the great Tyler Perry and so much more! PLUS Horror Homework assigns INITIATION in theaters and vod May 7th and 2018’s ANNIHILATION! It’s an all inclusive Episode 226, now accepting reservations!

Follow Brock O'Hurn on:

Instagram: @brockohurn

Twitter: @brockohurn

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