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The Boo Crew Face their Phobias with Actor, Writer, Model, and Fashion Designer Hana Mae Lee

Back for a second all new episode this week, face your fears with the Boo Crew as you hang out with actor, writer, model and fashion designer - Hana Mae Lee! She stars in the new film PHOBIAS in theaters, on demand, and digital March 19th - executive produced by the most awesome collective in horror...

RADIO SILENCE! We talk about the fun she had in bringing Sonia to life in McG’s masterpieces, The Babysitter franchise, her work in the Pitch Perfect films as Lily and her many tv projects. She’s a massive horror fan who fills you in on what she’s been watching (and writing!) as well as the scoop on an upcoming movie she’s in alongside Robert Englund! Don’t be afraid... it’s just episode 209 of the Boo Crew!

Follow Hana Mae Lee on:

Instagram: @hanamaelee

Twitter: @hanamaelee

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