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The Boo Crew Faces off Against Jigsaw Himself, the Inimitable and Iconic Tobin Bell

The Boo Crew faces off against Jigsaw himself, the inimitable and iconic, Tobin Bell! He possesses episode 142 to talk about his film BELZEBUTH available on demand, digital and just released on dvd and blu ray! This film will test your limits and shock you! Learn about the look of his latest character, Visilio Canetti, demonology, the magic of the horror genre and it’s unique relationship with us, the fans from Tobin’s perspective...and so much more! Then, Spider from Powerman 5000 and Krsy Fox from Knee High Fox hand in an assignment for Horror Homework! We talk Massachusetts, Adam Green, Nicolas Cage, James Bond, Spider and Krsy’s new horror short films and the latest with Powerman 5000 and their upcoming album The Noble Rot out August 28th! Wanna play a game with the Boo Crew?

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