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The Boo Crew Gather Around the Dinner Table to Chat Horror and HONEYDEW with Actor Sawyer Spielberg

Gather around the dinner table as we serve up a second helping of an all new episode of The Boo Crew this week! You are hanging out with the incredibly talented actor, Sawyer Spielberg! His horrifying feature film debut, HONEYDEW, a presentation of Bloody Disgusting and Dark Star Pictures is on VOD, Digital HD and DVD now. It is SO unique, with a bizarre and unsettling mood that is impossible to shake, enhanced by one of the coolest and original scores ever. We’ll talk about the fascinating way that world was crafted, Sawyer’s recent discovery and love of the genre, working with writer/director Devereux Milburn and how this experience has been a game changer for him. Episode 220 is hot off the grill! Come and get it!

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