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The Boo Crew Gathers Around the Naturom Demonto with Writer, Director and Producer Fede Alvarez

We gather around and read from the Naturom Demonto with acclaimed writer, director and producer, Fede Alvarez! This episode is full of blood soaked exclusives and awesomeness! Fede tells the incredible story about how his career was changed overnight by posting a short film on YouTube that led to him helming 2013’s phenomenal “Evil Dead”! For the first time ever, hear about all of the different endings planned. We really get into the nitty gritty of that film, where it fits into the Evil Dead universe, is Mia and her family related to Ash? Uncover the hidden secrets of the movie, the practical fx work, props and more! We also talk turkey basters, the terrifying wonders of Don’t Breathe and From Dusk Till Dawn. With rumors abound concerning sequels to Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe, revisiting the world of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a new zombie film and more, Fede sorts us out on what he’s got in the works over a super fun, almost two hour convo! There’s it’s episode 123 with Fede Alvarez!

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Instagram: @iamfedealvarez

Twitter: @fedalvar

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