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The Boo Crew Head Out for BLACK FRIDAY Horror Shopping Adventures with the Incomparable Devon Sawa

On the second ALL NEW episode of the Boo Crew this week… you are joined by returning guest to the show, the incomparable Devon Sawa! At time of release his brand new film BLACK FRIDAY is now in theaters and is available on demand November 23rd! Devon talks about working with FX master Robert Kurtzman, co stars Bruce Campbell and PAN’S LABYRINTH’S Ivana Baquero, his fave moments from set and more! Also, dive into his twin roles on the new mega hit, CHUCKY, the experience of being apart of a tremendous ensemble cast and the magic behind working with the legendary killer doll! Plus, Devon teases his NEXT horror project, CONSUMED! Camp outside before we open to get the best deal on Episode 280 of the Boo Crew! Available on clearance now!

Follow Devon Sawa at:

Instagram: @d.sawa

Twitter: @DevonESawa

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