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The Boo Crew Get Soaked in Gory Fun by Brilliant Creator JJ Villard and the Legendary Corey Feldman

It’s an animated Episode 128 of the Boo Crew as you are hangin’ with writer, director and artist JJ Villard of Adult Swim’s brand new gore soaked and insane new show, “JJ Villard’s FAIRY TALES”! This hilarious slice of brilliance is packed with horror references and a who’s who of your favorite genre actors in unforgettable voiceover roles! One of those is the legendary Corey Feldman who also joins us!! Not only will you get to hear about the creation of this amazing show but you’ll be told stories from the sets of Stand By Me, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter including the plans for an unbelievably cool sequel that never happened, and much more! Get ready for a wild ride with the inimitable JJ Villard and Corey Feldman! Destroy all vampires!!

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Instagram: @jjvillard

Twitter: @jjvillard

Follow Corey Feldman on:

Instagram: @cdog22

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