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The Boo Crew Get Trapped in a House of Horrors with Award Winning Actor Cristina Rodlo

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, get trapped in a house of horrors with Emmy winning actor, Cristina Rodlo! Known for all types of roles from soap operas to comedies and action dramas - her work in horror continues to be tremendous with projects like AMC’s THE TERROR and her latest film, Netflix’s extraordinary - NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE! Here about her love of the genre and the making of this unique haunted house story infused with purpose and impact! It’s a dark whimsical fairytale of incredible vfx, creature design, ghosts and gore. (If you haven’t seen this movie yet, be aware there are spoilers in this episode). A conversation with the wonderful Cristina Rodlo on episode 276 - NOW PLAYING!

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Instagram: @cristinarodlo

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