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The Boo Crew Gets Creepy with Multi Award-Winning Recording Artist and Icon KESHA

Hey Animals! Your Boo Crew gets creepy with multi award-winning recording artist and icon, KESHA! We not only talk to her about her meteoric journey in redefining pop music, but all about her interest in the supernatural and the unexplained, true crime, horror, Nic Cage and how it’s all wrapped up in her wonderful new podcast “KESHA AND THE CREEPIES” available everywhere you get your podcasts. We’ll dive into her fiercely fun new album HIGH ROAD and so much more! Episode 203 with KESHA is now playing!

Follow KESHA at:

Instagram: @iiswhoiis

Twitter: @KeshaRose

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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