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The Boo Crew Goes Trick or Treating with the Genius Spooky Musical Collective Known as LVCRFT!

For our fifth episode this week, The Boo Crew takes you Trick Or Treating with the spooky musical collective known as LVCRFT! You’ll hear all about their new album “The Sequel” available everywhere now. 15 modern day Halloween classics conjured up by the some of the most talented Grammy and award winning songwriters in the industry, who have congregated for their shared passion for horror and Halloween! Meet LVCRFT, hear their story, their mission and find out how Bruce Campbell, John Kassir and more came onboard for this terrifyingly fun new collection of haunted tracks! Learn how you can step into their ongoing immersive online experience to capture more of that Halloween magic that we all love so much! It’s fun size episode 173 - now playing!

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Instagram: @lvcrftofficial

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