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The Boo Crew Grab the Ghost Key and Go Behind the Scenes of LOCKE & KEY with Darby Stanchfield

Grab the Ghost Key! You are unlocking an all new episode of your Boo Crew, with multi award winning actor and director DARBY STANCHFIELD - one of the stars of Netflix’s extraordinary LOCKE AND KEY! Hear all about the fun and mystery that awaits you in Season 2 as the series continues to lean in to it’s awesome horror undertones and darkness! Explore the astonishing Key house, a behind the scenes look at the magic behind the fx and get excited for the newly announced season 3 filmed back to back! Get to know the incredible person behind Nina Locke and the journey of bringing her to life with the support of a truly special cast that make this show so unique and whimsical! Open the door to episode 282 - Now Playing!

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Instagram: @darbysofficial

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