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The Boo Crew Chat Horror and Music with Emile Hirsch the Star of Horror Thriller 'SON'

Boo Crew’s Freaky Friday continues with the 2nd of two ALL NEW EPISODES for your creepy weekend! Episode 204 featured Andi Matichak from the new horror film SON. For episode 205 you are hangin’ out with her co-star, Emile Hirsch! In his second time on the show we talk about working with Director Ivan Kavanaugh, the unique sound design, score and the GORE in this absolutely sick new film! We’ll also check in with Emile’s band, HIRSCH and their upcoming album, plus a look into the future with his new serial killer movie with Megan Fox, Bruce Willis and Machine Gun Kelly. Episode 205 is now playing!

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Instagram: @emilehirsch

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